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Reasons Why I Love This Power Station

Reasons Why I Love This Power Station

No matter the season, I love going on outdoor adventures with my family and friends. From camping to hiking, it’s fun to explore the wild for as long as I got everything I need.

Aside from my personal hygiene kit, I bring all my devices, so it’s easier to navigate through the routes and get in touch with everybody just in case we get lost along the way. For my gadgets to stay powered throughout the day, I rely on a power station like this one from Firman.

Firman portable power station

Firman Portable Power Station
Php 29,000

Here are the reasons why I love this travel must-have:

It’s portable and convenient.

I like to keep things handy whenever I’m out and about, and Firman’s power station lets me charge my devices conveniently. It’s lightweight and compact, so tucking it away in a car is hassle-free.

It’s powerful.

It can be charged in different ways – from the sun to the car. Yes, it has a solar charging feature, too! I just have to make sure that it’s fully charged before heading out for a trip.  

It’s efficient.

Let’s get to the exciting part. This power station allows me to plug in small appliances like coffee maker and electric stove, so I can make food even when I’m outside.

Firman portable power station

Firman Portable Power Station 622 WH
Php 34,000

Besides being used outdoors, I can say that this household essential offers an alternative power source for rotational blackouts. According to Philippine Star, consumers are “warned of thin power supply this summer due to high demand.” With the threat of power outages in the coming weeks, the Firman power station can surely provide electricity to power up necessary electronic devices.  

There are so many things to love about the Mang Johnny-approved Firman power station. What’s even more interesting is that it comes in two variants depending on your needs and preference.

Visit to know more about the Firman power station.

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