Established in 1920, Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. (CBK), started as a neighborhood hardware store at the walls of Binondo by Mr. Co Ban Kiat, the family’s patriarch. Recognizing the need of hardware materials in building and construction, it introduced the “wholesale” and “buy and sell” trade in the hardware business.

In 1945, World War II hit Manila and destroyed the vast walls and structures in the city and even CBK Hardware was greatly affected. The massive efforts to rebuild the city have begun and made the company resume its business in a makeshift shanty and devote itself to helping people in restoring their homes and establishment by providing quality hardware materials. Later in 1949, its building was rebuilt again – making the business prosper and expand in the city.

After CBK Hardware was Incorporated in 1952, the company continued its efforts for market expansion. With its passion to be the leading hardware, the fourth generation of Co Ban Kiat led by Johnny Co Ban Kiat introduced the retail concept for hardware products and launched the Hardware Workshop. Hardware Workshop, the first retail hardware store in the 1990s, aims to cater more customers and to reach many households that are home improvement.

With the success of Hardware Workshop and the increasing trend in architectural and interior design in 1996, Co Ban Kiat Hardware opened its first design center – Coby’s Design Center. Located in Mandaluyong, the company started to offer luxurious global brands of architectural hardware. The inward demand for innovative home solutions, and modern and contemporary design for homes, offices, hotels, and other establishments is the aspiration of Coby’s Design Center.


The retail industry flourished in 1997 and Johnny Co Ban Kiat took the advantage and introduced a new player in the market by bringing the franchise of ACE Hardware USA to the country and making CBK one of its major suppliers.

As Co Ban Kiat Hardware is more than just a Home Improvement, their continuous passion in expanding the business and offering home solutions- by bringing in global brands that offered high-quality products with industrial solutions and construction hardware for project development. Since the 2000s, CBK Hardware has been the pioneer hardware and the largest supplier of home improvement products and the preferred partner to many major retailers in the country.


CBK Hardware has been solidifying its distribution network and partnerships in many business sectors. With its expansive list of clients in construction, manufacturing, automotive, hospitality and service, real estate, maritime and other industry sector. ​​

As one of the trusted partners of hardware supplier in real estate, CBK Hardware have worked with major real estate developers and construction companies. ​​

In 2013, CBK Hardware continued to revolutionize the hardware and home improvement business and acquired Mayapa CBK Industry, a manufacturing facility for woodwork innovative solutions. This paved way for more partnered projects and developments​.


The rise of online shopping in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic made CBK Hardware to explore the world of e-commerce and maintain its operation by bringing various online shopping platforms.  The company launched its online websites such as,, and made its products available across other top cybershopping sites.  CBK aimed to reach many Filipinos – offering innovative home solutions in the comfort of their homes.​​

Today, CBK pursues to provide world-class innovative home solutions through its global brands that promote a better home-living experience for Filipinos.


CBK Hardware Inc. is one of the Philippines’ pioneers in the hardware business since 1920.  Known as the premier hardware and home improvement provider, CBK aims to make everything better by bringing the world’s biggest brands to Filipino homes.


CBK Hardware, Inc., values its hardworking and dedicated employees, who embody the five core values: Passion, Discipline, Kindness, Honesty and Innovation that empowered them to deliver their best by providing solutions to the needs of their customers.


We accomplish things with thirst for success not because we have to, but because we want to. ​


We value structure and focus on working with goals, commitment and accountability.


We work with transparency and earn trust that even without others looking, we serve what interests and benefits other people.


We always win hearts before minds and encourage human behavior by inspiring ourselves and others.


We continuously compete with ourselves instead of competing with others, ensuring that we always work synergistically to revolutionize the way everybody lives.

​Revolutionizing the way you live.