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These Self-Care Products Are What You Need on A Weekend

These Self-Care Products Are What You Need on A Weekend

It’s always a nice idea to have an R&R session after dealing with a busy work week. While going to the spa can be rewarding, it’s also great to unwind without leaving the comfort of your home. For a list of the items that offer utmost relaxation, we’ve gathered these self-care products from our house brands that are definitely Mang Johnny-approved.

Aco dehumidifier

Aco Dehumidifier with WIFI
Php 11,000

Dehumidifiers are a great way to let you catch some extra ZZZs during the weekend. Aside from lowering a room’s moisture levels, these household must-haves work best for those who suffer from allergies and breathing problems. What’s interesting about the Aco Dehumidifier with WiFi, is that it can be operated via smartphone through the downloadable app, which is applicable for iOS and Android users, for easy access. Now, you can be sure of controlling your home’s humidity level wherever you are.

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Homer butane stove

Homer Butane Stove Dual Function Black
Php 1,500

Eating healthy food counts as caring for your overall well-being. It doesn’t have to cost you too much to stay in good shape, so you can always prepare meals using the Homer Butane Stove Dual Function Black. From sauteed vegetables to pan-seared salmon, this kitchen essential is made to provide convenience as it can be brought to any outdoor activity you wish to participate in. All you have to do is think of the perfect “hearty” dishes you and your loved ones can enjoy.

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Axis hand shower

Axis Hand Shower Set Square 1-Setting
Php 950

With your free time, you can enjoy long showers that you truly deserve. Freshen up with the Axis Hand Shower Set Square 1-Setting that can be installed on your bathroom wall. The minimalist look of the hand shower will surely complement any modern-looking bathroom. Wash away all your stress by jumping in the shower and letting the water pressure of this set can ease up your muscle tension.

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We’ve got everything to support your self-care sessions at home. Visit to shop these now.
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