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How to Stay Cool with Westinghouse

How to Stay Cool with Westinghouse

The best time of the year is here! It’s the season of sun tans, fruity coolers, BBQ parties, and pool parties that we look forward every summer. 

However, when there is unbearable humidity under the scorching heat, summer fun can start to fizzle, especially indoors. So, look for an efficient and cheaper hack other than your AC, and electric fans are the best in conjunction of your air conditioning. 

Westinghouse fans

From ceiling to floor, fans are the best alternative to staying cool this summer. Here are some of the Mang Johnny-approved tips in keeping your home cool: 

  1. Create a wind-chill effect with your fans. Put the oscillating stand fan into the corner of your room and feel the wind-chill effect as oscillates from left to right. 

  2. Fans make a cool cross-breeze. Position the floor fan where the air points. Point it upwards towards the opposite wall. This will bounce cooler air off the wall and mixes it with warm air to keep cool the temperature. 

  3. Install a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans effectively circulate the air in a room with their powerful blade. With its increasing air speed, run your ceiling fan during summer months in counter-clockwise direction so it will push cooler air and will keep your home cooler this summer. 

According to Department of Health , the summer season approaches with a high heat index, and we need proper air cooling with electric fans to lower temperatures and prevent the risk of heat stroke and heat waves. 

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