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Mother's Day Gift Ideas That Are Mang Johnny-Approved

Mother's Day Gift Ideas That Are Mang Johnny-Approved

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate the important women in your life and every mom deserves the best gift on this special day.

With the myriad of options, finding the perfect gift for mom can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. From the best-cleaning gadgets to outdoor grillers and elegant shelves, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our roundup of the best gifts you can give her a.k.a. #SuperMom that are Mang Johnny-approved.


For Mom Who Love To Grill

Homer Charcoal Grill
Php 8,900.00

If she loves to cook, then this (don’t forget to hyperlink the product name) Homer Charcoal Grill is what she needs! Ideal for outdoor barbecue parties, it has a foldable side table to hold your food and plate. What's more convenient is that it’s easy to clean with its removable catcher for mucky ash.   


For Moms Who Need A Cleaning Helper

ACO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Php 7,800.00

This Aco Cordless Vacuum Cleaner will be mom’s big helper when cleaning the house. With its HEPA filter and telescopic tube, it will be easier to clean every nook and hard-to-reach areas at home.


For Moms Who Love To Organize

Tactix Shelving Unit
Php 6,700.00

The Tactix 5-Layer Shelving Unit has a bolt-free assembly design and adjustable shelves that make organizing her belongings a piece of cake. With rust-resistant finish and stainless-steel frame, it also provides a sturdy storage system for heavy loads in your kitchen, and garage.


For Moms Who Love To Do Home Repairs

ARGO Impact Drill
Php 2,100.00

Does she love to fix things? Then, the Argo impact drill is an efficient and lightweight power tool for DIY home repairs. It is ideal for drilling into wood and other screw-driving tasks.


For Moms Who Love To Relax and Pamper

AXIS On-Wall Shower Set Stainless Steel
Php 5,000.00

Let her have a much-needed R&R session with the stylish Axis On-Wall Shower bar set. Its single-function spray setting will make every relaxing shower more enjoyable than ever.

Celebrate all the wonderful mothers in your life with these Mang Johnny-approved gift ideas. Find these gift ideas at

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