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Argo Cordless Drill: What You Need to Know

Argo Cordless Drill: What You Need to Know

When doing a particular project, you must consider the tools you need. Most home projects require a power drill that will simplify your tasks.

Argo cordless drill

Argo, your affordable and reasonable quality high-performance power tools, recently launched its Cordless Drill and Cordless Hammer Drill. These power tools will make every household project easy, from installing shelves and assembling furniture to fixing wobbly chairs and repairing equipment. Here's what you should know when using these Argo Cordless Drills:

  • Know the batteries. Most drills have Li-ion batteries with 12 and 18 voltages. The larger the battery voltage, the heavier tasks these tools can withstand. Increase the voltage, and you can drill larger diameter and deeper holes and drive larger screws or tighten a giant nut. Remember, the higher the battery’s amp hours, the longer you can operate a cordless drill. 
  • Charge the batteries properly. Ensure the drills have enough power by charging the batteries regularly. It's also a good idea to keep a spare battery on hand for longer projects or when the battery runs out. 
  • Choose the right drill bits. Different materials require different drill bits. Use a twist bit for wood, a masonry bit for concrete or brick, and a metal bit for metal surfaces. Make sure the drill bit is securely tightened in the chuck. 
  • Adjust the speed and torque accordingly. These drills have adjustable speed and torque settings to match the drilling requirements. Use the speed control buttons for more precise work. Higher speeds suit drilling through softer materials, while lower rates are better for more complex materials. 
  • Start with a pilot hole. Using a smaller pilot hole before tackling larger cavities or hard materials is common in drilling operations. It improves accuracy, reduces friction and heat, minimizes chatter, extends the life of drill bits, and makes the drilling process smoother and safer.
  • Know the difference between forward and reverse switches. Power drills have forward (clockwise) and reverse (counterclockwise) switches. The forward mode is used for drilling holes and driving screws or fasteners into materials. Meanwhile, the reverse mode is primarily responsible for removing screws or backing out drill bits from a hole.
  • Use the bit holder for improved precision. It’s a handy accessory that enhances the functionality and flexibility of your cordless drills, making it easier to work on a wide range of tasks with ease.
  • Familiarize yourself with the chuck. Most power drills have a keyless chuck, which can be tightened by the hand. Secure it by turning it clockwise to hold the bit in place, while a counterclockwise turn will release the bit. 
  • Utilize its LED light. Its built-in LED light enhances visibility whenever you need to work in tight and dark areas.  

Argo cordles drill

Argo Cordless Drill
Php 2,170

Whether adding a drill to your tool kit or simply looking for an affordable drill for your DIY needs, these Mang Johnny-approved Argo Cordless Drill and Cordless Hammer Drill are excellent for on-the-go home repair projects.

 Argo cordless hammer drill

Argo Cordless Hammer Drill
Php 5,500

The Argo Cordless drill kit includes two 2 Ah Lithium-ion batteries, drill bits, bit holder, and screw bits. Shop for these drills and get an exclusive 30% discount on the Argo Cordless Drills. Check out these offers at

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