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Town Hall Virtual Meeting 2022

Town Hall Virtual Meeting 2022

With the ongoing uncertainty around with Covid-19 pandemic, Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. continues to make the Town Hall Virtual Meeting 2022 possible with the theme "Shape Up and Build Up" held last March 11, 2022. The one-hour event celebrated the milestones of CBK Hardware Inc. in 2020 and 2021. Also, forty-one CBKians were recognized for their exceptional contributions as well as their unparalleled service and loyalty to the company. This is the perfect way to get informed, inspired, and connected- all in one day.

This yearly gathering enables CBKians to hear from our leaders, creating a sense of community and reinforcing the CBK Hardware Inc. mission, vision, and culture. This event has become an opportunity for us to boost our trust and confidence level as a CBKian. During this event, we are also reminded of our CBKians’ battle cry and how it is used as a guiding principle for our team’s everyday decisions with our Vice President of Supply Chain Management, Mr. Jan Wesley Cobankiat. It was a humbling experience to also hear our Executive Vice President, Mr. Jan Vincent Cobankiat who shared how he turned his adversity into opportunity throughout life, saying as his father said, “Through strength is the ability to stand back when you fall”.

The purpose of the annual Town Hall is to provide our employees with a common vision and understanding of how we can achieve our company initiatives by doing our best every day and by reinforcing their commitment towards high levels of performance. In celebrating the unwavering contribution of the employees who have been with Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. for many years, they will be receiving a personal watch and plaque of appreciation in recognition of their commitment to their respective job rendering almost ten years up to fifteen years of loyal service.

Here are a few of many snaps of how CBKians enjoyed the day with happy and motivating spirit.

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