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Co Ban Kiat Hardware Stimulated Compassionate Care Through Virtual Wellness Talks

Co Ban Kiat Hardware Stimulated Compassionate Care Through Virtual Wellness Talks

Co Ban Kiat Hardware has taken proactive measures to champion the mental health and well-being of its employees. The 101-year-old trusted distributor of hardware products, coupled with Intellicare, healthcare provider of CBK Hardware dependents, stimulated compassionate care through digital wellness talks.

The seminar aims to heighten awareness on mental health issues impelled by pandemic and to communicate helpful approaches, methods, and coping mechanisms to manage better anxiety attacks and the general mental well-being of CBKians. It will run in five cycles from November to December and each seminar is delivered by a certified mental health professional.

“Because of the pandemic, we have been living in a more stressful environment and it has been affecting our personal relationships as well as our productivity at work. We hope that with these webinars, CBKians will become more aware of themselves and recognize any symptom of mental health problems right away. Acknowledging that one may have it is the first step to getting better.” Ms. Anna Loraine G. Soriaga, CBK Hardware VP for Human and Financial Capital Management, shared a message of hope reflecting on the mental health webinars.

Facilitated by Human Resources Department, the wellness talks ruled its first workshop last November 12 led by Dr. Mica Araya, a primary care physician, and a mental advocate. She discussed an overview of mental health problems and provided proactive practices in handling psychological distress. The learning process continued with stress management as a core topic managed by Dr. Andre Cifra. He navigated the conversation through recognition of the stressor, understanding its physical and mental impact, and combatting it with techniques in the development of positive thinking specifically in managing work-related stress. The following topics about overcoming stress and anxiety in the new normal and hypertension were also discussed in the last two waves of the wellness talks.

This mental health initiative progressed alongside inclusive employee skills training is an effort of Co Ban Kiat to foster a healthy and supportive workplace enhancing the wellness of CBKians.

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