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Co Ban Kiat Hardware Honors CBKian Dads

Co Ban Kiat Hardware Honors CBKian Dads

It was a rewarding day for all fathers as CBK Hardware celebrated Father’s Day last June 19, 2022, with the theme of #CBKMomentsWithDad. This initiative was made possible by the Human Resources and Marketing Team to intensify employees’ engagement and honor the hardworking CBKian fathers. 

 For this year’s Father’s Day, Co Ban Kiat Hardware launched two contests: “What is the Best Advice You Received from Your Father contest,” wherein participants wrote on a provided sticky note the “Best Advice” they got from their father and posted it on the allotted wall. Participants who joined the contest indicated their name and department along with their message on their sticky note entry. 

Many CBK employees and CBK Dads actively participated and joined the contest like Kriselle Guevarra, Reynan Mortel, and Ranissa Balladares wrote and shared their father’s heartwarming advice and won a Tactix Multi-Tool Set as special Father’s Day gift for their fathers.

Moreover, talented CBK employees, participated and expressed their love for their father through the “Show How Great Your Father is: Father’s Day Photo Compilation TikTok Challenge!” They made a special #CBKMomentsWithDads TikTok video reminiscing their unforgettable memories with them. Lucky winner Precious Kisa made a tribute video of his/her father and won a Tactix Multi-Tool Set.

 As CBKian dads are appreciated and valued, a Father’s Day Wine Gift sets (includes a Bottle of wine and glasses) were also given to these responsible and ever reliable dads to make their day extra special. Indeed, all the super dads of CBK Hardware and their tireless efforts for the company and for their loved ones are amazing and they deserve to be called heroes.

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