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CBK Hardware's Annual Physical Exam 2022

CBK Hardware's Annual Physical Exam 2022

CBK Hardware values the heart of its company - the CBKians. With the company’s core values, a “Pusong CBKian must have respect and follow company policies” such as the mandatory Annual Physical Examination (APE).  This is in line with company’s thrust of safeguarding employee’s health, safety, and well-being while promoting productivity and complying with the occupational safety and health standards at the workplace.
Recently, CBK Hardware conducted its APE at the CBK Hardware Binondo, Manila and  Tambo, Paranaque offices.  It was facilitated by the Aventus Medical Care Inc, an Intellicare-accredited healthcare service provider.
With Aventus Medical Care’s commitment to provide efficient and enhanced health care services to its clients, they set up a mobile clinic that accommodated more than 200 CBK employees who underwent the recent Annual Physical Examination.
During the APE, health protocols were strictly observed. The Aventus Medical staff members wore the proper gear including face masks as they conducted medical procedures with the employees. The CBKians who participated during the APE also observed the necessary health protocols.
There was also a triage area that pre-screened the employees for COVID19 symptoms and assessed their health condition.  Some of the medical procedures that were offered to the CBKians included physical examination, complete blood count, urinalysis, electrocardiogram (ECG), chest x-ray, and pap smear for ladies.


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