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CBK Hardware Joins the 69th PMSEA Conference

CBK Hardware Joins the 69th PMSEA Conference

CBK Hardware demonstrated its support for the 69th Philippine Mine Safety and Environmental Association (PMSEA) Conference, themed "Safer, Smarter, Sustainable." The event took place last November at the CAP John Hay - Trade and Cultural Center in Baguio City.

CBK at the 69th PMSEA Conference

The conference spotlighted mining companies' readiness and capability to enhance their sustainability initiatives, emphasizing their contribution to both local and national economic development through the showcase of global standard mining technology.

The 3-day mining exhibit featured 144 companies, industry leaders, policymakers, exploration experts, and suppliers of essentials in mining operations. The event aimed to promote responsible mining practices, ensuring lasting positive change within communities.

CBK at the 69th PMSEA Conference

As a prominent supplier of tools and equipment to the mining industry, CBK Hardware presented its cutting-edge tools from Pelican, Proto, and Ridgid. These tools are designed to enhance safety, enabling miners to perform tasks efficiently and minimize risks in their challenging work environments.

CBK acknowledges the importance of fostering a culture of safety and environmental stewardship. One product highlight is the innovative portable lighting system from Pelican, ensuring miner safety and mitigating hazards during mining operations.

By supporting the 69th PMSEA Conference, CBK Hardware reaffirms its commitment as a reliable partner in building a safer and more sustainable mining industry.
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