101 Anniversary: Co Ban Kiat Hardware hosts donation drive for Bataan Aeta Tribe

Presently, countless families continue to struggle with limited access to healthcare and food systems. While these unprecedented impacts are affecting millions of people around the world, the poorest of the communities and those who are less fortunate like our dear indigenous people will likely more affected.

As the company marks its 101st anniversary, it held a disaster preparedness drive last October 29 in Mariveles, Bataan in partnership with Making A Kinship with the Indigenous (MAKI) Project. 101 sets of Sagip Ligtas Bags were distributed to Magbukun Aeta Community, ensuring their access to must-have items for a household emergency kit including basic food and non-food commodities such as canned goods, hygiene supplies, flashlight, and batteries.

As a disaster-prone country, Co Ban Kiat Hardware believes that it is essential that we help communities like indigenous people, securing them out of danger and helping them get through difficult times. This momentary but meaningful experience gave a sense of inspiration to its employees by making our community a better place through kind gestures.

Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. invested heavily in different forms of philanthropic efforts and found many opportunities for 101 years in creating meaningful contributions to many people of its beneficiaries.