SWITCH ASSEMBLY 1W/3G 3031/1/2M-F(3) + A3000

SWITCH ASSEMBLY 1W/3G 3031/1/2M-F(3) + A3000

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SWITCH ASM. 1W/3G 3031/1/2M-F(3) + A3000

  • The plastic parts of concept is made of polycarbonate,a material superior to the commonly used ABS.with excellent impact resistance,heat resistant, and corrosion resistant,Concept is made to stand the the test of time. Incorporating a white-on- white locator design, the white fluorescent blends harmoniously with the white dolly face of concept switches.

  • Assembled Switch 16A x 250V 1 Way Standard Switch with Flourescent locator
  • width=11.4
  • height=2.4
  • length=17.7
  • 0.1 kgs

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