VACUUM CLEANER W/D 9042032010 60L 2000W

VACUUM CLEANER W/D 9042032010 60L 2000W

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VAC CLEANER W/D 9042032010 60L 2000W

  • The UZ 878 features both practical design for easy and fast operation, as well as the versatility that can only be found in high quality unit. Used for either wet or dry pick-up applications, the large tank offers high capacity for long use between emptying.

  • Rated power:2000w
  • Airflow:55 l/sec
  • Vacuum:1900 kPa
  • Suction power:380w
  • Fluid safety cut-off at litre :45/Tube diameter mm 38/Tube length m 2,5/ Sound pressure:59-69 dB(A)
  • Sound power:75-84 dB(A)
  • Main filter:8000 sm2
  • Cable:15m
  • Tank capacity:60L
  • Dimensions(L x W x H) 880 x 425 x 710
  • Weight:25kg
  • width=53.0
  • height=94.0
  • length=73.2
  • 30.3 kgs

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