Viper  Scrubber/Dryer 380MM 220-240V 140 RPM

Viper Scrubber/Dryer 380MM 220-240V 140 RPM

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Viper  Scrubber/Dryer 380MM 220-240V 140 RPM


Extremely compact machine that makes it easy to manoeuvre and transport.

  • Ergonomic adjustable and foldable handle
  • Extremely compact
  • Easy to manoeuvre transport and storage
  • Easy to use and service
  • Easy to clean refill and empty
  • Suitable for application in narrow area
  • Rotationally moulded tank
  • Robust handle lock
  • Two tanks system
  • Battery and Cable versions EU and UK versions.

  • Sound pressure level(dB(A)):65
  • Cable length (m)/plug type:15
  • Brush motor(W):250
  • Vacuum motor power(W):300
  • Battery type:2x12v/33Ah/20H
  • Vacuum (mm H2O):800
  • Productivity rate(m2/h):750
  • Solution tank(l):15
  • Recovery tank(l):15
  • Squeegee width(mm):490
  • Brush/pad diameter(mm):380
  • Brush speed (RPM):150
  • Length x width x height(mm):780x415x590
  • Battery compartment size(LxWxH)(mm):262x196x175
  • Gross weight (gvw)(kg):65
  • Operating weight(kg):60
  • width=41.5
  • height=59
  • length=78
  • 65 kgs

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