Viper Ride On Floor Scrubbers Machine 24V

Viper Ride On Floor Scrubbers Machine 24V

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Viper Ride On Floor Scrubbers Machine 24V


The AS710R are medium-sized ride-on scrubber dryers and the perfect solution for scrubbing and drying in heavy-trafic areas.

 The perfect ride-on solution for scrubbing and drying

Ideally suited for daily indoor cleaning in mid-sized areas of railway stations, parking areas, shopping malls, exhibition centers, schools, hotels, public institutions and other commercial environments larger than 50,000sqft

  • 28 and 32 inch cleaning path
  • 31 US gallon solution and recovery tanks
  • 77 and 80 pounds of down pressure
  • One-touch scrubbing
  • Four solution flow rates
  • Easy recovery tank clean-out
  • Integrated squeegee hanging system
  • Side pocket for easy storage of paperwork
  • USB port for charging portable electronics

  • Length x width x height (MM): 1580x760x1230(machine)
  • Brush speed (RPM): 204
  • Brush diameter (MM): 14in x2
  • Brush pressure (KG): 77 lb
  • Net weight (KG): 771.6 lb
  • Sound pressure level (dB(A)): 69
  • Dimensions lxwxh (MM): 68.11 x 31.89 x 55.5in (package)
  • Solution tank (L): 32gal
  • Recovery tank (L): 32gal
  • Cleaning width (MM): 28in
  • Squeegee width (MM): 37in
  • Vacuum motor power (W): 500
  • Brush motor (W): 2X300
  • Vacuum (MMH2O): 1800
  • Max. speed: 3.7mph
  • Drive motor hp (W): 500
  • Drive wheels (cm): 25
  • width=76
  • height=123
  • length=158
  • 225 kgs

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