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Safewell Digital Mini Safe

Digital Mini Safe 170x230x170mm Black


Safewell Digital Safe - CI Series

Programmable digital lock (open/close with3 or 8 digit code)

3 LED indicator lights (Green, red & Yellow ) indicate open, low battery and warning

Provided with 2pcs manual override key in case forgot the user code or master code

2 live locking door bolts

Predrilled mounting holes and mounting hardware included

Two sets of code: user code(3-8digit) &master code

3 incorrect entries auto-locking function

The keypad will hold and beep 20 seconds after three times wrong code, and will hold and beep 5 minutes

Ideal for hotels,offices and home

  • Color: Black
  • External H x W x D (mm): 170x230x170
  • Internal H x W x D (mm): 168x228x120
  • Thickness door (mm) : 3
  • Thickness body (mm) : 1

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