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Pelican Medium Case 10.2 lbs. - Black

Water Tight Protective Pelicase

Item: PL1500BLK

Pelican Watertight Protective Cases. Waterproof. Crushproof. Dustproof. And they float! Hit 'em with your best shot! If it's valuable, these Cases will protect it! Made of high-impact copolymer and stainless steel hardware... these "bulletproof" Cases include a 1/4" neoprene o-ring for an absolutely airtight seal. When temperature or altitude changes, the purge valve allows for quick pressure release. Super-cushy Pick 'n' Pluck foam padding lets you customize the cushion without cutting... because it's prescored, you can just "pluck" out foam one 1/2" cube at a time! Excellent protection for sensitive equipment and electronics. Buoyancy Max. (approx.): 35 lbs.

  • Interior dimension: 16.75 x 11.18 x 6.12 inches
  • Exterior dimension: 18.50 x 14.06 x 6.93 inches
  • Color: Black

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