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Co Ban Kiat Small Act of Kindness


           It was June 24, 2016 the leading innovative hardware company in the country engaged in the charitable acts with a community welfare foundation known as Concordia Children’s Services.



          The foundation of Concordia Children’s Services rescued the increasing number of children who are longing for love and support. Co Ban Kiat gave its kindest assistance to the children under foster care.



        Co Ban Kiat delivered essential goods that can greatly sustain their everyday needs. Happiness was written all over their faces as they saw the goods provided by the company. Behind the contagious smiles of each child lies an unforgettable scar brought by the past.  While other privileged children are being wrapped up in materials things, these children in the orphanage consider themselves blessed in the presence of the goods given by the company.



        Their smile is a constant reminder of the compassion of Co Ban Kiat towards the less fortunate.



         The world will be a happier place if we have a company like Co Ban Kiat who extends its hands to those who need it most.




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