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Co Ban Kiat Excellent Customer Service

         One of the ingredients behind the growing success of Co Ban Kiat is its excellent customer service over the years.



           Co Ban Kiat’s topmost priority is to provide high quality hardware materials in the best service possible.



          In strengthening its established harmonious relationship with the customer, CBK welcome any insights, recommendations and claims coming from the consumer.



         Numerous of its customers from different walks of life highly commended the company’s premiere customer assistance in the name of excellent service.  The company is known for having a system in prioritizing the valuable feedback of the customers and ensures that ‘’the customer’’ comes first.



         The increasing number of positive feedbacks about our customer service motivates us to continue to give quick response to repair or to change a faulty product with the best possible solution.


           Co Ban Kiat remarkable years of existence will always set the course and direction to a high quality customer service. Because here in Co Ban Kiat, customer deserves nothing but excellent service.

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