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Co Ban Kiat as the Leading Innovative Hardware


                   ‘’To be the leading innovative hardware company in the country’’


          This served as the driving force of Co Ban Kiat to surpass numerous struggles in order to be recognized as one of the finest hardware distributor in the country. Time was the silent witness on how the company defeated all the difficulties that hinder the success of the company today. 



Background and History



          The inspiring history of the company will feature its humble beginnings and stories that would prove the unending efforts of the organizations for the continuous strive for excellence.



         1920, this year marked a significant event for it was the time when a company was born that would change the game in the hardware business in the country. It was established by the dedicated and hardworking Mr. Cobankiat. The management of Co Ban Kiat is now in the fourth generation. Its daily business activities and operations arose in Chinatown carrying the name of Co Ban Kiat Hardware.  



          World War II brought a huge impact on the different aspect of life including social, political and economic sectors.  Its aftermath put the whole country in the destructive scenario. Several ruined establishments and abandoned houses are evident in the different areas of the country.  This happening paved the way for Co Ban Kiat to return to business and to provide home building materials to the people who sought to rebuild their destroyed homes and structures with durable materials produced by Co Ban Kiat Hardware.



          The invaluable leadership of Mr. Johnny Cobankiat placed the company at the pedestal. The company is highly recognized as ‘’the house of home improvements’’, for it carries a wide range of high quality products. The persistent rise of Co Ban Kiat Hardware never failed in ruling the Filipino marketplace, generating sales increase and setting advancement in the hardware industry. Delivering high quality services would always be the topmost priority of Co Ban Kiat Hardware. 



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